Peter Murphy and his conference team put together a wonderful conference with food, fun, and fantastic contests.  Along with the contests, the Spring Conference Awards Luncheon honored a Santa Fe civic leader for his contributions to communication and leadership in the community and during the district business meeting included officer elections occurred.

2011 International Speech Winners - Merv Jersak (2nd), John Friesinger (1st), Janine Deckard (3rd)

International Speech Contest Winners

1st Place – John Friesinger *
2nd Place – Merv Jersak
3rd Place – Janine Deckard

* International Speech Contest is the only Toastmasters contest which continues past the district level.  John will move forward to the International Speech Contest Semi-Finals in Las Vegas, NV, in August where he will represent District 23.

2011 Table Topics Winners - Velma Smotherman (2nd), Roy Crawford (1st), Patti Douglass (3rd)

Table Topics Contest Winners

1st Place – Roy Crawford
2nd Place – Velma Smotherman
3rd Place – Patti Douglas

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John Gordon, MFA

Communication and Leadership Award Recipient

John Gordon, MFA – President of Santa Fe University of Art and Design

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Spark Plug Award Recipeints

  • Ginger Montes
  • Petra Ramos
  • Lee Gardner
  • Will Schmidt
  • Mark Worthy
  • Peter Murphy

The District 23 Trio for 2011-2012 : Tracy Thomason (LGM), Bay Stevens (District Governor), TK O'Geary (LGET)

Officer Elections (for the 2011-2012 year)

District Governor – Bay Stevens
Lt Governor Education & Training – T. K. O’Geary
Lt Governor Marketing – Tracy Thomason

Division Governors for 2011-2012 - Roger Coffey (E), Linda Leazer (F), Jenny Zappone (D), Marytherese One Bear (C), Ellen Buelow (B), Peter Murphy (A)

Division Governors

Division A – Peter Murphy
Division B – Ellen Buelow
Division C – Marytherese One Bear
Division D – Jennifer Zappone
Division E – Roger Coffey
Division F – Linda Leazer

Appointed Officers

Secretary – Jeff Burdette
Treasurer – Adam Avery
Public Relations Officer – Lezlie Davis