Alexandria Chen

Lobo Toastmasters has transformed my ability to communicate. To give you an idea, Lobo has helped make my speeches more organized, gave me practice in answering questions impromptu, and improved my listening skills. My speeches have a greater dimension as I incorporate speech skills from the Toastmaster toolbox to keep my audience interested and convey my ideas in a more organized and confident way. Sometimes planning is not an option, which is why I think Table Topics is so important. By practicing my impromptu speaking, I trained my brain to think through questions before giving concise and well thought-out answers especially useful during interviews. Lastly, listening is the best way to connect with people and certain roles in Toastmasters primed me to listen more critically, which I find helps with my day-to-day conversations. Communication is an essential skill that improves with practice and Lobo Toastmasters is the perfect arena to do so.

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