The Voice was definitely with over 225 members of District 23 as they laughed and learned during our Fall 2017 Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Conference chairs Lynn Fugelso and Rachel Lucero-Maldonado led their team to create an amazing vision of Toastmasters & Star Wars which resulted in the highest ever attendance at a District 23 conference. They produced a fitting sendoff to the fall conferences as this was the final fall conference for our district. Going into the future, we will only have spring conferences.

Contest Results

Humorous Speech Contest

Humorous Contest: Jonathan Gardner (3rd,) Doris Prokop (2nd,) Rati Baijal (1st,) and contest Toastmaster Kenny Granville

1st – Rati Baijal (El Paso, TX)

2nd – Doris Prokop (White Rock, NM)

3rd – Jonathan Gardner (Albuquerque, NM)

Evaluation Contest

Dustin Ho-Gland (3rd,) Larry Buelow (2nd,) Contest Toastmaster Kari Putman, and Jonathan Gardner (1st.)

1st – Jonathan Gardner (Albuquerque, NM)

2nd – Larry Buelow (Albuquerque, NM)

3rd – Dustin Ho-Gland (Canyon, TX)


Annual Awards for 2016-2017

Area Director of the Year – Jon Barr

Immediate Past District Director Natalie Waters with Jon Barr

Division Director the Year – Larry Boyer

Larry Boyer

Compañero – Janet Tarr

Immediate Past District Director Natalie Waters with Janet Tarr

Toastmaster of the Year – Rusty Rodke

Immediate Past District Director Natalie Waters with Rusty Rodke

Distinguished Toastmasters

Eleven Toastmasters received their Distinguished Toastmaster awards at the Fall Conference. Pictured below are Natalie Waters, Cliff Colvin, Janet Tarr, Dianna K. Brown, Barbara Quigley, Monique Chandler, Taryn Colvin, Brad Johnson, Douglas Mayton, Danni Andrew, and Ellen Buelow. The following Toastmasters also received their Distinguished Toastmaster awards but were unable to attend: Charles Beasley, Bobby Kimbro, Sam Newton, and Ken Flack.

District Council Meeting

The minutes from the Fall 2017 District Council meeting have been published and are available on the District Council and District Executive Committee 2017-2018 page.

The Next Conference

The Spring 2018 Conference will take place in Lubbock, Texas, on May 4th through 6th. You can help that conference by giving your feedback here: