Ian Fettig, a member of Llano Estacado Toastmasters in Lubbock, Texas, passed away on January 22, 2018.

A recent graduate of Texas Tech University, Ian was born on July 1, 1994. He joined Toastmasters as a member of the Llano Estacado club in June 2017, while working as an intern at Texas Tech University. After graduating in December 2017, he joined Tyler Technologies as a full-time software developer.

He had completed three speeches before his untimely death.

“Ian came to Tyler during the summer internship program, and was so excited to learn new things, and work diligently to serve the customer. He had a passion for writing software, and a hunger for learning new things. It was obvious to me that he fit the Tyler culture with his whole-hearted attitude towards anything that we were doing, his drive to help those around him, and his constant focus on growing himself.” ~ Cliff Colvin, District 23 Club Growth Director

“I was impressed by how not nervous he was. In my 12 years in Toastmasters, that’s pretty unusual. Especially for someone with a technology background like Ian. Afterward, he said he was nervous but we couldn’t tell. As with everything I saw him do in the 9 months that I knew Ian, he launched himself into Toastmasters. He was an avid, enthusiastic learner. No challenge was too big for him to tackle. Nothing daunted him.” ~ Tracy Thomason, 2017-2019 International Director