he District Leadership Committee submits the following nomination slate for the 2019-2020 Toastmasters year. The full report is attached below as a PDF.

(names listed alphabetically)

  • District Director
    • Kenny Granville, DTM
  • Program Quality Director
    • MyChelle Andrews, DTM, PM1, IP4
  • Club Growth Director
    • Carlos S. Lobato, DTM
  • Division A Director
    • No nominee
  • Division B Director
    • Stephen Ralph, ACG, ALB, PM3, DL4
  • Division C Director
    • No nominee
  • Division D Director
    • Salvador Valles, CC, CL
  • Division E Director
    • Cheryl Gentry, CC, CL
  • Division F Director
    • No nominee

Final Nomination Report as submitted by DLC Chair Laurel Fischer, ACB, ALB.