Looking for some new ways to promote your club and attract new members? Try a few of these great flyers! Each one is designed in Microsoft Word, and can be easily edited to fit your club’s specific needs.

Big thanks to District 50 and other folks in Region III for their ideas and inspiration. Without the brilliance of several Toastmaster friends from around the country, this page wouldn’t be possible. Enjoy!

All files below are in Microsoft Word (2000-2003) format.

Do You Talk to People in Your Business?
You Get One Chance to Make a First Impression
What Can Toastmasters Do For You?
Was this guy in your audience the last time you spoke to a group?
Feeling Tongue-Tied?
Effective Communication is Vital in Today’s Financial World!
Unhappy in Your Current Position?
How was your last interview?
Can you think about a CAREER that does not require COMMUNICATION?
What’s Your Promotability Quotient?
Toastmasters Club Open House
New to the Area?
Nervous to Make Your Point at the Meeting?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take a pill, and no longer be terrified to speak in front of groups?