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Updated: Fall 2016 – Number of Contestants per Club, Area, & Division

Need resources for your Club, Area, Division, or District contest? Check out the end of this post for everything you need … except for the contestants.

As in previous years, participants progress from the Club level contests to Area level… to Division… to District. For the International Speech Contest (only), the District winner progresses to the semi-finals at the International Convention.

All contestants must be Toastmasters members in good standing in a Toastmasters Club in good standing. To be a club in good standing means that the club has at least eight members dues paid before the club-level speech contest. To be a member in good standing, you must be one of the paid members.

The International Speech Contest has an additional requirement; contestants must have completed at least six manual speeches in the Competent Communication manual (a.k.a. the “basic manual”). Only one exception may be made to International Contest’s six-speech requirement: A charter member of a Club chartered since the previous July 1 is eligible to compete. The Club must be officially chartered prior to the Area contest.

Contestant eligibility is verified before each contest by the contest chair or the presiding district officer (i.e., an Area Director would be the presiding officer over their Area contest.)

District level officers are ineligible for competition in any contest. See the current year’s rulebook for a complete description of rules and eligibility criteria.

Toastmasters International provides a tool to help with determining eligibility. It does not determine the number of speeches given, but it does check for current dues payments. To use the tool, log into your profile at and then go to  .

Speech Contest Resources

Toastmasters International’s Speech Contest page provides a number of resources including the current rulebook, detailed description of recent changes to the rulebook, contest tutorials and more.

Judges’ Training

Toastmasters International offers online speech contest training. Of particular interest to the judges are sessions 2 and 3, When You’re the Judge and Judge’s Guide and Ballot. You can watch the videos at TI’s Speech Contest Module page.

Judges should also fill out the Judge’s Certification of Eligibility and Code of Ethics. It’s available for free download.

Running Quality Contests

Area / Division Resources

Number of Contestants per Contest

Click the link at the top of the page for how many competitors may progress to the next level.

In Areas with FOUR or fewer clubs at the start of the contest season, clubs are encouraged to send up to TWO participants each, per contest, to the Area-level competition.

Per Toastmasters International, in Areas with FIVE or more clubs at the beginning of the contest season, clubs may send ONE participant each, per contest, to the Area-level competition.

In Divisions with FOUR or fewer Areas, Areas are encouraged to send up to TWO participants each, per contest, to the Division-level competition.

In Divisions with FIVE or more Areas, Areas may send ONE participant each, per contest, to the Division-level competition.

Each Division sends ONE participant to the District contests (i.e., each Division sends 1st-place winner to District).

Contest Rotation Details

At the Fall 2015 Conference business meeting, the District Council adopted the motion for the follow contest rotation:

  • Fall
    • Evaluation contest each year
    • Humorous contest on odd numbered years
    • Tall Tales contest on even numbered years
  • Spring
    • International Speech contest each year
    • Table Topics each year

This was done for two reasons. First, so that we had a rotation which allows us to have each of the five approved Toastmasters contests.  Second, so that each year we have a rehearsed speech contest (Humorous, Tall Tales, International Speech) and an impromptu speech contest (Evaluation and Table Topics.)

Details on the resolution, along with other District Council Resolutions, can be found on the District Council Resolutions page.

Printable Resources

Ballots/Contest Forms (including Contestant Forms) must be downloaded from the TI Website.

Click here to see a short video on how to find them & print them from the TI website.


  • Contest Program  – Word … Customizable to fit your Contest


Notifications, Checklist, Flyer, Contest Evaluation Form