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A Toast to New Beginnings!

Our Spring 2018 Conference takes place in Lubbock, Texas, on May 4 – 6, 2018. This page includes everything you need to know about the Spring 2018 Conference from conference & hotel registration to sharing a room or ride to our speakers and even fun things to do in Lubbock in addition to the conference. You’ll find it all here.

If you still have a question, scroll to the bottom and send us an email using the contact form.

Agenda (Please check back in March/April of 2018)


Online Registration

Mail-in Registration Form Through January 31, 2018 (PDF)


Refund Policy – Please make purchases carefully as no refunds will be given. However, you may transfer your registration to another person. The original purchaser of the registration should notify the conference chair that the transfer has taken place so that the chair will know that the transfer is legitimate and can adjust the registration information.

District Contestants – Please contact Larry Buelow, our PQD, prior to registering.





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Looking to cut conference expenses, but don’t have a carpool friend and/or roommate? We’re compiling a list of willing people.

On the Conference Registration online form, you can sign up to receive information about sharing a room or ride. This section is at the bottom of the registration form.

If you have questions about sharing a ride or room, please contact Kevin Wilson (

Please note:

  • Kevin is unable to guarantee that any specific route or room sharing options will be available. He will do the best he can to arrange rides and rooms, but he can only work with the people who contact him and are willing to share a ride or room.
  • Please contact Kevin as soon as possible. Sometimes the options for sharing rides and rooms fill up quickly.

Program Ads, Sponsorships, and More!

First Timers, Frequently Asked Questions, and More!

Things to Do in Lubbock

Additional Activities

Get a flavor of Lubbock by visiting one of our museums, wineries, or fine restaurants.

First Timers
Business Meeting Proxy

Either the club president or vice president education of any member club may designate, in writing, any active individual member of the club to act as a proxy for him or her at any district council meeting. In the event one of those officers is not in attendance at the meeting and has not designated, in writing, an active individual member of the club to act as his or her proxy at such meeting, the officer or proxyholder in attendance shall be deemed to hold the proxy of the other and may therefore cast two votes at such meeting. The intent of this provision is to assure that every club will be represented by two votes. No other proxies shall be valid at a district council meeting. A written proxy, to be valid at a district council meeting, must contain all the elements set forth in Toastmasters International policy and must be delivered personally, by mail, by fax, by e-mail, by electronic transmission, or by other reasonable means to the club member who will hold the proxy. The proxy holder must present the proxy in paper form (i.e., print out an e-mail) to the credentials desk. If the proxy does not bear a handwritten signature, it must have the typed name of the club officer(s) giving the proxy or some other indication that the club officer(s) authorized the proxy to be given. A proxy that complies with these requirements shall be treated as valid so long as the credentials desk has no reason to believe that the proxy was not authorized. A proxy holder cannot transfer or assign a proxy to someone else. A valid proxy delivered to the proxy holder is revoked only if the club officer who gave the proxy takes one of the following subsequent actions: he or she destroys the proxy, cancels the proxy in writing, issues another proxy authorized at a later date, or actually attends the district council meeting. (Source: Toastmasters International District Administrative Bylaws, Article X(d).)

District 23 Proxy Form (PDF)

Tax Deductions

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) so some expenses may be deducted as charitable contributions. For more information, please read this document from Toastmasters International: Tax Deductions for U.S. Toastmasters

Your Conference Crew
Conference Chairs Kim Davis
Friday Evening
Opening Ceremonies
Saturday Evening Activities
Sergeant At Arms
On-Site Fundraising
First Timers Activities
Guest Speaker Host/Guide
DTM Ceremony
Contest Chair
Chief Judge
Souvenir Program
Roomshare/Rideshare Chair

Questions about the conference? Please ask!

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