Jenny Zappone, DTM

Jenny Zappone, DTM

District Director
Danni Andrew, DTM

Danni Andrew, DTM

Program Quality Director
Cliff Colvin, DTM

Cliff Colvin, DTM

Club Growth Director
Lisa Thomason

Lisa Thomason

Public Relations Manager
Carlos Lobato

Carlos Lobato

Finance Manager
David Mink

David Mink

Administration Manager
Natalie Waters, DTM

Natalie Waters, DTM

Immediate Past District Director

Division Directors

Gary King

Gary King

Division A Director
Marianne Bjelke

Marianne Bjelke

Division B Director
David Gardner

David Gardner

Division C Director
Darrell Henderson, DTM

Darrell Henderson, DTM

Division D Director
Shalom Agalaba

Shalom Agalaba

Division E Director
Kim Davis

Kim Davis

Division F Director

Area Directors & Clubs

Area 11 (Division A)

Eastgate Club
Bien Dicho Toastmasters Club
Farmington Fast Talkers


Area 11 Director

Area 12 (Division A)

Capitol Toastmasters
Santa Fe Sunrise
Oh Pinon

Saroj Baxter

Area 12 Director

Area 13 (Division A)

La Tierra
AS We Speak
Power Talkers

Siona Briley

Area 13 Director

Area 21 (Division B)

Taylor Ranch Toastmasters
Rio Rancho Toastmasters
Midday Rio Rancho Toastmasters
HP Rio Rancho Toastmasters

Roberta Swan

Area 21 Director

Area 22 (Division B)

Albuquerque Challenge
Cherry Hills Toastmasters
Coronado Toastmasters
Daybreakers Toastmasters

Alan Kinner

Area 22 Director

Area 23 (Division B)

Blue Toasties
Honeywell Sunrisers
Real Spiel
Top Shelf Toastmasters

Vivian Austin

Area 23 Director

Area 24 (Division B)

Christian Toastmasters
Earlybird Toastmasters
Journal Center Toastmasters

Jonathan Droege

Area 24 Director

Area 25 (Division B)

Marketing Masters Toastmasters
Off-the-Cuff Albuquerque

Brian Jones

Area 25 Director

Area 31 (Division C)

Midday Madness
Storytellers Toastmasters

Brad Johnson

Area 31 Director

Area 32 (Division C)

ABQ Speaks Up
Lobo Toastmasters
Salud Speakers
Sandia Lite Roastmasters

Felecia Crull

Area 32 Director

Area 33 (Division C)

Albuquerque Weekenders
Duke City
Kirtland MCs Toastmasters
Sandia Sunrisers Toastmasters

Barbara Lewis

Area 33 Director

Area 34 (Division C)

Albuquerque Toastmasters
Kirtland Club
KNH Toastmasters
Speak With Distinction Toastmasters

Karen Fausnaugh

Area 34 Director

Area 35 (Division C)

Albuquerque Hispano Chamber Club
Isleta Eagle Chattter
Valencia Voices Toastmasters

Barbara Brodmerkle

Area 35 Director

Area 41 (Division D)

Gene’s Gesters
Las Cruces Toastmasters
Los Chismosos Club

Griselda Martínez

Area 41 Director

Area 42 (Division D)

Eastside Club
City Talkers
Healthy Voices
UTEP Toastmasters

Yoh Yamamoto

Area 42 Director

Area 43 (Division D)

Border Toasters Club
Copper Masters
EPCC Toastmasters
Northeast Toastmasters

Robyn McClendon

Area 43 Director

Area 44 (Division D)

ADP El Paso Toastmasters
Amigo Club
Downtown Toasties Club
El Paso County Toastmasters

Kenny Granville

Area 44 Director

Area 45 (Division D)

Desert Basin Club
The Majestics Advanced
WSTF Space Toasters

Laurel Fischer

Area 45 Director

Area 51 (Division E)

Amarillo Coffee Weekenders
Guymon Toastmasters Club
New Generation Toastmasters
Panhandle Pro Club

Jodie Striley

Area 51 Director

Area 52 (Division E)

Amarillo Association of Realtors Toastmasters
Canyon Communicators
CS Risk Takers Club
Hereford Toastmasters Club
Raging Toastmasters Club

Kari Putman

Area 52 Director

Area 53 (Division E)

Amarillo Toastmasters Club
Bell Heli-Masters
Natural Gassers Club
Pantex Lunch Bunch Club
Toast of the Town

Christopher Simmons

Area 53 Director

Area 61 (Division F)

Articulate Club
Llano Estacado Toastmasters
Lubbock Club
Robert Barnhill PFP

Cletis Tatum

Area 61 Director

Area 62 (Division F)

Downtown Club
Eloquent Raiders
Lubbock Realtor Toastmasters Club
South Plains Toastmasters
Speaking the Plains Truth Bayer
Toasters Club

Gary Johnson

Area 62 Director

Area 63 (Division F)

Pecos County Toastmasters
Permian Toastmasters Club
Pop-Up Toastmasters Club
Odessa Toastmasters Club
West Texas Talkers

Gerrie Spurgeon

Area 63 Director

Area 64 (Division F)

Cavern City Toastmasters
EnergyPlex Toastmasters
Enriched Speakers
The Lovington Toastmasters

John Boyden

Area 64 Director

Area 65 (Division F)

DTM Think Tank
Hi-Plains Club
Lubbock Professional Club
Peanut Valley Club
WWJS Toastmasters

Parker Waldrop

Area 65 Director

Committee Chairs